If you are one of up to 120 million Americans who are deficient in Vitamin B12, there may be an effective solution for you.

B12 is one of the most complex vitamins and it is absolutely critical to your health. B12 is a key component to healthy brain and nervous system function and is involved in cell metabolism throughout the body. Symptoms of B12 deficiency include: chronic fatigue, dizziness, muscular weakness, forgetfulness, changes in skin color, loss of taste and other changes in sensation. Sounds horrible right? Well, chances are you or someone you know is suffering from one or all of the symptoms and may not know that a simple solution can solve them all. As many as 120 million American’s are living in poor health due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

Irreversible Damage to the brain and nervous system is possible with B12 deficiency.

Sources of B12: The major sources of B12 are animal products and supplements, but with Amercan’s increasingly reducing meat intake in their diets, some expect B12 deficiency will continue to rise. Supplement solutions abound but often its hard to find something that is effect for our bodies.


The Reason for Vitamin B12 Deficiency: As we age, our bodies often begin to experience trouble absorbing certain vitamins, like B12. There are some natural reasons for this but B12 deficiency also occurs when we switch to a low or no meat diet or are taking certain medications. Another challenge, no human or animal produces B12 naturally. It is thought that only certain bacteria or microbes possess the enzymes necessary for B12 production.  So based on our diets, ages or symptoms we may be experiencing, B12 deficiency may be the culprit.


Vegans & Vegetarians may be particularly at risk due to low or no meat diets and this risk may extend to infants that were concieved or nursed to a Vegan mother. Recommended daily doses of B12 are published from the Food and Nutrition Board for infants, women who are pregnant or nursing and adults of all ages, so consult these and your medical care professional before trying a B12 supplement.

The table below is re-created from the National Institute of Health fact sheet where more information about B12 can be found.


Liposomal B12 may deliver up to 20X the absorption benefit of other supplements.

A Supplement Solution from Purathrive is available today and backed by the same Money Back Guarantee of their market-leading Turmeric product. Utilizing a specialized formulation to combat all of the symptoms of B12 deficiency, Purathrive has released the ONLY 100% Absorbative Form of B12 – Liposomal B12 with Fulvic Acid.

Vitamin B12 Deficient?


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