We all can appreciate a good framework for accomplishing a stated goal. Well, with diet, our goal should be to feel great and stay healthy. Our food choices are the perfect vehicle for accomplishing those goals and here we provide a simple framework for driving positive change within and in the world around us. Post your stories of what’s worked for you in the comments.

Eat Local – Eating local reduces transport mileage, reducing food waste in the process. Local food also generally has higher nutrient value and better taste. By choosing locally produced, you are encouraging a strong local economy and improving social outcomes in your neighborhood.

Eat Clean – Clean eaters, who demand transparency in the food they consume, are really shifting the dial. Organic food is shown to be easier on the environment and healthy for your body.


Eat SmallĀ – By choosing from the menu, or at the store, portions, which you can easily finish, we are reducing both plastic and food waste. Supporting restaurants that cater to tapas-style or small plates is a great way of saying ‘thanks’ and working together.



Eat by Exploring – How would you have ever discovered Cayenne for circulation, Ginger for digestion or Turmeric for pain, had you not been asking, “Is there a better alternative?” to waiting for a problem to show up and then treating it. Many of the 200,000 edible plants waiting for discover will only be found if you keep exploring.


Eat for Health – By choosing more greens, alkaline foods and super foods in our diet, we are making a conscious decision to treat ourselves with respect. The more respect we have for our health, the more we will have for the health of others and the planet. Empathy breeds empathy and there’s nothing the world needs more of than that. A healthier society is more productive and able to make clear choices, which may start in a single community but can grow to change the world.

That’s sums up our hope for a Diet Based Health world. If we all check the five boxes every week, then collectively our impact will be large! Join us and share your stories today.

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