Diet Based Health .com is a resource for conscious consumers to discover the power of natural plants to help them reduce injury, recover faster and lower long-term medicine cost. You’ll also find diet and lifestyle stories from small farmers, entrepreneurs and folks driving trends in both the local and global clean food movement.

There’s a quiet revolution taking place. Underpinning the sustainability movement, people across the globe are reclaiming knowledge about an estimated 200,000 edible plants grown on earth. As we now know, many of those plants have been used in traditional medicine for 000’s of year. These plants, like Turmeric, contain beneficial compounds, which often make it into conventional medicine prescribed by your doctor. By then, you’ve already got a problem!

In the end, you might end up paying a lot more than if you had a strategy around preventive care.

Here’s the revolution, why can’t we design a diet that reduces your health risks to begin with? Seems logical, right. Well, today more than ever, people everywhere are reclaiming their destiny through diet based health action. More and more products are coming to market to help consumers lead healthier lives, treat a specific ailment and lead longer, happier lives. After, when it comes to life, living healthy is the point after all.

Diet Based Health .com brings together a community of concerned citizens and cutting edge producers trying to spread the word. The stories you’ll hear here are sometimes written by experts but often by folks who’ve tried products that work. Folks like you, trying to leave a full and healthy life.

So dive in and enjoy. We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

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