Plant Power

What we hope resonates about Diet-Based health care is our applied learning approach. That’s just a fancy word to say, we’ve tried to be informed by using the products and feeling the result. We’ve talked to the producers and researched what the trends are in their industry, including what’s going wrong. We’re a network of concerned citizens including sustainability folks, chemists, farmers and more, who are often hard are work to discover or develop truly beneficial products.

It seems like every day we hear about another amazing super food trend and, while that’s great, we know it’s hard to weed through the noise and find out which products works the best, and more over, which may be the best for you.

We want to bring you ideas and products that we believe in, where the producers are going the extra mile to deliver a true health benefit. That said, here are a few amazing plants and products that you should know about:

Turmeric: Turmeric is a perennial plant of the ginger family with 4,000 years of documented medical use. Widely noted for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is used by arthritics, athletes and general health-conscious consumers. Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shown Turmeric to be as or more effective than conventional medicine. For example, studies have shown turmeric to be more effective, and without the side effect risks associated with a long-term [aspirin / acetaminophen] regimen. A daily Turmeric regimen is a must for many people already but many use poorly formulated – poorly absorbed product. Now is a good time to tell about a Turmeric solution we love! LEARN MORE.

Ginger: We’ve got this one, seriously. “My wife discovered ginger when her nervous stomach got the best of her one too many times. These days, she’s never far from her ginger tea. In addition to being a digestive wonder, ginger has been found to treat migraines and be helpful for general cold prevention.” With tea not readily available, we turn to the tried and trusty lozenge. This one’s special though, combining the goodness of honey and thought-provoking rosemary to give you a tantalizing flavor that delivers. We’re in development! Soon, my friend.

Manuka Honey: Look, honey is just simply great. We know you already most likely know that. After all, honey found in Egyptian tombs was found to be edible after 000’s of years. That’s a pretty tough found. Quality honey is often bioactive, meaning it contains active anti bacteria, antiviral or anti-biotic qualities. A good local honey is an essential on anyone’s shelf. And with most shelves, there’s a top shelf, and on that top shelf, you would find Manuka honey. Manuka is native to Australia and New Zealand and is made when bees forage on a plant known as the ‘Jelly Bush’. The honey they produce is thought has the highest bioactiivity on earth and Manuka has a long history in the advanced wound care market. In addition to treating cuts and burns, Manuka is used to remedy sore throats and in the treatment of infections like certain strains of Staph. But here’s the catch, there’s tons of fraud in the Manuka market because it’s such a premium product. So, because we love you, we’ve spent months researching and talking with a producer who’s just as concerned about the fraud as you are. You can thank us when the seasons shift. You’ll have an added layer of protection… coming soon.

Cayenne: Some people theorize the capsicum  in cayenne pepper can be used to stop a heart attack. While we don’t know that for sure, what we do know is cayenne’s circulatory benefits are proven. We take Starwest’s brand, Cayenne Pepper Extract Organic – Capsicum annum, 1 oz,(Starwest Botanicals) , in lemon water in the morning with Ginger Extract.